Karlie Kloss for Vogue Japan September 2011

When I came across this editorial online I was amazed by the creativity and photography of these pictures. The fashion just screams 60s and I am quite loving it. I am little excited to try out the 60s trend out this fall. I particularly like the mod dresses. My favorite outfit has to be the 4th one, very simple and chic. It would work perfect for the office. The baby stroller in the third picture is so adorable! I want a baby stroller just like that when I have a baby someday!
Also all the backgrounds are so unique and make the pictures even more vibrant. It makes the outfits stand out even more. Quite innovative.

What do you think of this editorial?



  1. These are spectacular! I love how vibrant and alive everything looks. Thanks for sharing them!

  2. wow, I love the second p icture. the outfit is fabulous.


  3. She's so gorgeous, love these pictures! xo

  4. great post... she is absolutely gorgeous and I agree that this editorial is creative and well done. Wonderful blog. Now following you xxxx


  5. Love these photos!!!
    The colors are so vibrant!!!


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