Made You Look: Scarf Face Blog Event

Mattie from Mattieologie came out with a new blog event called Made You Look. In the post you are to style a particular clothing item three ways with the same outfit. Giving ideas on ways to extend your wardrobe. I think this is such a wonderful and creative idea because not everyone can afford to buy new clothes all the time!

Here is how I would style a scarf three different ways with the same outfit!:

Outfit on the left: This is the most traditional way. Wear it around your neck in multitude of ways!
Outfit in the middle: Wear the scarf around your head in a cute 50s way.
Outfit on the right: Attach your scarf to your handbag to add some zing.

I paired jewelry on the left that you can wear with the same outfit but you can always change it up if you like. That's what makes accessories fun! Also I chose this outfit because this would be perfect for fall coming up! :)

And don't forget to check out the lovely Mattie at Mattieologie!

How do you wear a scarf?



  1. I love a scarf tied around a bag!

  2. Cute idea, maybe you could show this in real life? I'd love to see that


  3. You've inspired this scarf lovin' girl!

  4. These are some fabulous ways to wear a scarf! I especially like the scarf on the bag idea... it's trendy, and if you end up having a bad hair day, you have the perfect fashion accessory right there!

    <3 Heidi H.

  5. Love these looks, and especially that top - one of my favorite shades for autumn! I've never tried tying a scarf on a bag (I really want a big structured bag like that to experiment with), but I'll definitely be giving it a try soon. I thought about wrapping one around the middle of a basic envelope-shaped clutch, but that might not be all that practical. Gotta love the variet of scarves!


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