Polyvore Outfit of the Week- The Office to The Party

Office to Party

This week I wanted to show how you could take the same little black dress from the office to the party by just changing a couple things to your outfit. For work pair with a blazer, wear a kitten to 2" heel and minimal jewelry. Pop the outfit with a gorgeous red bag. Even a bright blue or purple handbag would do!
For the party pair the dress with a statement necklace to show off the neckline in the dress. Wear Knock out heels and carry a simple clutch. I put in red lipstick because red lipstick will instantly transform your face. I always advise people to go natural at work, and red lipstick is the perfect pick me up to your natural make up face. This look is so easy to transfer into the evening. All you have to carry in your tote bag is the shoes, jewelry and clutch! Easy as pie.

How do you wear your little black dress from the office to an evening out?



  1. This is such a good idea... I'm going to show this to my mum, she's always complaining about how all her money goes onw ork clothes so she has nothing to go out in!
    BTW I remember you used to comment often on our blog, www.luxe-rose.blogspot.com. Just to let you know we're back to blogging, so feel free to stop by when you have time!
    xoxo Lydia

  2. white blazer and red bag, pleasssseee come to me:D

  3. Fantastic! I love using my clothes for both work and night and you did a great job with this set showing the versatility of the dress!


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