Fashion Around the World Series: Myanmar and Bangladesh


Myanmar Fashion Week

Typical clothing worn in Myanmar

Traditional clothing of Myanmar. I love her makeup! I want to do my makeup like that!

Traditional Wedding wear. Many brides will wear other colors such as pink and gold as well.

The Naga Tribe. Can I say that is one major headpiece?

The Chin Tribe. These two men look like they are having too much fun here.


Traditional wedding wear. Can I say this an amazingly gorgeous wedding gown? The details and accessories are just extraordinary.

This week's fashion around the world series is on Myanmar and Bangladesh. These two countries are located right by India and south of China. Myanmar's fashion has influences from India and China. Bangladesh definitely has fashion influences from India. Especially with their wedding attire. Both of these countries have extraordinary fashion and are very memorable. They look to detail and more the accessories the merrier. Color is everywhere as well and they are not afraid to wear it! Such an inspiration.

What is your opinion on fashion from these two countries?


P.S. Tomorrow I will be doing another recap of NYFW!


  1. So unique! I really like the idea of not getting married in white :)


  2. the details are so stunning so well made i love it

  3. every cultere has its own style. Love the indian women styl eespecially at their weddings. Amazing
    Thanks for sharing.

    have you started shopping at Zara online?
    God Bless Online shopping :-)

  4. The wedding ensembles are extraordinary!


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