Made You Look: Let's Get Shirty Blog Event

Button Down Shirt- 3 Ways!

This month's blog event is hosted by Mattie from Mattieologie. It is on how to wear your every day basic shirt multiple ways. I love this concept as we all can't afford tons of clothing! Understanding how to wear your clothes multiple ways will not only save you money but your creative side will also start to shine.

I have styled it above 3 different ways. First one is a preppy outfit. Perfect for class, shopping and those casual Friday's at work. The middle one is perfect for work. I love the 40's classic look here, show off those curves! The third one is for the weekend. Go a la seventies and have fun with jewelry and funky shoes. The handbag I featured with the first outfit will go with all of these outfits above making it ultra versatile! Out of all the outfits above I would choose the one on the right. I often love to dress fun and casually.

How do you wear your basic button down shirt?

Head over to Mattie's blog post to check out all the other participants on this blog event! If you haven't already subscribed to Mattieologie, you should! She is such a talented blogger. :)



  1. Nice looks!

  2. I'm loving the three ways you styled this button down shirt! It's amzing how different it can look in each outfit. I think I would wear the third one as well! (Although all of them are nice)

  3. OMG. I love the look with the mustard skirt. Such and amazing color! And you're right - I did start Made You Look to figure out ways to maximize my wardrobe and not break the bank.

    Thank you so much for the kind words and for participating. You always put together great looks! :)


  4. No.3 is my favourite, i always love colorful dresses:))


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