Outfit of the Day: eShakti Clothing Review

Outfit Details:
Dress: eShakti
Shoes: GoJane
Necklace: Forever21
Bracelets: Bebe
Belt: Wet Seal

I was asked by eShakti to review their clothing line. Of course I said yes! I am very impressed with their online store and what they have to offer. eShakti is an online web-store that allows you to choose from a variety of items from dresses to pants and get them custom made. There are so many choices it was so hard to choose just one item! Everything is modertly priced and most items are under $100. To get the item custom made to your measurements it is only $7 more!

I choose this dress because I have been eying the front of the dress higher than the back look on dresses and skirts. This is custom made to my measurements. However, I measured myself completely wrong and the dress is too big. :( That is a mistake on my part. The waist is 3 inches too big and so is the area in the chest. I am still going to get it tailored so it fits better up in the waist and chest area. It did make me feel better though knowing that I am smaller than I thought I was! (haha)

Other than my mistake of measuring myself wrong, the fabric is of good quality and holds up really well. Also it is thick, making it a good transitional piece into fall. The colors are vibrant and I am loving the color block effect.
It takes 3 business days to process and 7-10 days to ship. I got my dress in about a week and a half making it super fast shipping and processing.

Overall this is a great company with a great selection and of good quality. Just a quick tip, measure yourself right! (haha). If you don't know how to measure yourself have a friend help or get professionally measured by a tailor.

What do you think of the dress and have you checked out eShakti yet?


Note: I am not being paid by eShakti to do this review. However, I was given this dress free to review.


  1. This is gorgeous! That dress looks beautiful on you - I love the yellow!

  2. This dress is so pretty. I love the color combinations and it really looks great on you. I also like how you styled your overall look.

  3. this dress is amazing eShakti I didn't know this shop but I'll check online if they have other dresses structured like this

  4. i think you made such a great choice picking this dress. it's brilliant and so are your heels!

  5. Wao, I absolutely LOVE the dress!! The shape and colors look so chic. Great post!


  6. I love this dress! Everything from the collers, pattern and asymmetrical hem! You looks great!


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