Fashion Around the World Series: Ireland

Designer Lizzie Agnew

This gown is gorgeous! Gothic and chic.

House of Delphine

A wedding dress with a little old west style. Simply stunning. I love those shoes!

Dublin Fashion Week

This dress reminds me of something they would wear back in the 19th century in Ireland. Country Chic.

Cork Fashion Week

Cork Fashion Week

This dress is so adorable. Perfect for spring and summer!

This dress is absolutely stunning. The design is simply amazing.

Designer Peter O'Brian From Dublin

A lovely LWD. Perfect for those lazy summer days.

Street Wear

I love her tunic and shoes here. The jacket adds a little bit of toughness.

Street Wear

I love her maxi! Brightens up the gloomy weather behind her.

A Celtic Wedding

If you visit Ireland you may experience a Celtic wedding. Those looking for a unique, non-traditional wedding this may be the perfect choice. Plus who wouldn't want to get married there with that kind of background? Makes me want to jump on a plane and get married the Celtic way! haha ;)

This week's fashion around the world series is on Ireland. Ever since I was little I have wanted to visit Ireland. The lush green hills, the Irish cottages and charm just beg me to visit. Also the history of Ireland is so interesting. Those medieval shows and movies in Ireland always intrigue me and have always wanted me to go visit that mysterious island. The fashion in Ireland is so unique. Only close to the UK they have limited access to fashion so they make it all their own. Some of the designs almost have a medieval, Gothic style that is mysterious and completely stunning.

What do you think of fashion in Ireland and do you want to visit Ireland? (If you're going to Ireland soon bring me in your suitcase! hehe ;) )


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  1. I haven't paid much attention to irish fashion but after reading this its clear i should!


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