Fashion Around the World Series: Norway

Steven Stieng- Norwegian fashion photographer

This is an amazing shot. I love the dark, romantic theme. Loving her dress as well!

Oslo Fashion Week

Gorgeous dress! Perfect for those lazy summer days.

Oslo Fashion Week

Can I have this dress for my wedding please? This is the exact kind of dress I would love to wear on my wedding day....

Siri- Norwegian Model

Such a beautiful model. And the dress she is wearing is stunning! Love the geometric pattern.

Oslo Street Fashion

Simple and chic. I love her jacket and shades here.

Oslo Street Fashion

I really like how she wore a pop of blue with the all neural colored outfit.

Norway Street Fashion

Such a effortless outfit done right. Love her shorts!

The Sami Tribe- Northern Norway

This is such a cute picture. The colors are amazing here and the detailing is extraordinary.

And they take care of Reindeer too!

This week's fashion around the world series is on Norway. Norway has always been a place on my list to visit. Particularly because of the mountains and gorgeous scenery. The pictures just blow me away. Besides that, the fashion in Norway is stunning. They are on trend and are always looking to try something new. Great inspiration!

One fellow fashion blogger I know from Norway is Barbro Andersen. She has such a gorgeous, unique style. She always comes up with the best of outfits and I thoroughly enjoy looking at her daily outfits. You can check out her blog, HERE.

What do you think of fashion in Norway?



  1. Gorgeous gowns and street style selections, darling!


  2. i like your new header:) these three streetstyles are totally wearable, so chic!!


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