Fashion Around the World Series: United Kingdom

London Fashion Week

This color of green is gorgeous on her and this gown is simply stunning! I want it now, in my wardrobe...!

London Fashion Week

Another stunning gown!

London Fashion Week

This is such a cute dress. I could see this worn at a picnic in the park.

London Fashion Week

These dresses are simply amazing! The gold metallic is stunning!

Street Fashion in Liverpool- LeAnne Evans

I am jealous of her hair here. It is so gorgeous! I love her dress as well.

Street Fashion in London

I love her maxi dress here and the scarf compliments it well.

Ladies at London Fashion Week

All the fur jackets here makes me want to get one! Although I can't get away with wearing fur jackets, as us bigger chested ladies it doesn't look too flattering. :(

And you can't forget Kate Middleton and Prince William! Kate always looks sophisticated and lovely.

This week's fashion around the world series is on the United Kingdom. I have finished up all of Asia and now I am migrating over to Europe. I thought it would be a fresh take from the funky and fun fashion in Asia. Fashion in the UK is pretty much like fashion in the United States. Very trendy, ladylike and sophisticated. People in the UK dress very sophisticated and are always dressing right on trend.

Have you visited the UK? If so, what do you think of the fashion in the UK?



  1. I love Brit fashion but then I'm kinda biased :)

  2. I haven't been to the UK yet, but I can't wait to go! Loving all the dresses you featured on this post; especially the first one. The green color is gorgeous!

  3. that orange dress is gorgeous, and i like the metallic looks too. and yes, i've been to the UK and the fashion there is simply incredible. it's so much easier to see everyone's unique style because it's more often showcased. not a lot of sweatpants and sandals over there. :)

  4. i will love to visit UK sometimes and Paris or the whole Europe, i think people are more classy there, and the streetstyles there are always interesting and fun to watch!!

  5. Yes, there was alot of black and golds there. I loving pastels too. That green ensemble is stunning. Thanks for sharing.


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