Polyvore Outfit of the Week- Chic at the Office

Chic at the Office

I always find it hard at times on how to be trendy at the office. It is unprofessional to wear some of those trendy pieces that you often see. It is very easy to be trendy at the office if you put specific trends into your work wardrobe. For example, red is hot this season. Why not wear an awesome pair of red trousers? I have been on the hunt for that perfect red trouser and this pair just makes me swoon! Pop the outfit with a colorful bag in a top satchel shape, which is one of the "it" bags of the season. Love the color of the bag featured! Don't be afraid to wear some trendy jewelry but keep it minimal. For example, a watch and a ring. Or a statement necklace and a simple bracelet or ring.
To take this look into the evening bring a sequined top with you to work! Simple and easy.

How do you keep it trendy and chic at the office?



  1. hey you have lovely blog,i just followd you,pls check mine:)

  2. I would totally wear that look! Perfection!

  3. I know - office outfits are always a challenge for me too. You want to look professional but not boring and how many different ways can you wear that suit, right? I love the items you have ere - the red pants are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.


  4. this is a lovely look. i want that ring!


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