Fashion Around the World Series: Estonia and Latvia


Riga Fashion Week

Aren't these designs just gorgeous? Dark and romantic.

Riga Fashion Week

Every outfit here looks warm and cozy!

Riga Fashion Week

Very interesting designs and one question I must ask, how do they see??

Estonian Street Wear

I love how simple and chic this outfit is! She looks cozy and warm.


Latvia Fashion Week

The detailing at the waist and neck drew me in- just stunning!

Latvia Fashion Week

I have never seen a design like this before. The detailing is just extraordinary.

Model Svieta Nemkova

She looks so chic here and I love her dress and bag!

Latvian Street Wear

Another girl that looks warm and cozy. I love the scarf and tights!

This weeks fashion around the world series is on Estonia and Latvia. If you don't know where these countries are, they are directly underneath Finland and right across from Russia. So they are in an area that experiences all 4 seasons. From the fashion I have seen they sure know how to dress for cold weather and in such a chic, fashionable way! They are trendy like most other countries but also have a few unique pieces that stand out.

What do you think of fashion in Estonia and Latvia?



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  2. Riga is in Latvia, not in Estonia, learn geography!


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