Fashion Around the World Series: Sweden

Stockholm Fashion Week

An all leather look done right. Sexy and chic!

Stockholm Fashion Week

I was drawn to this look because of the sweater. It is so bright and the shape is perfect!

Stockholm Fashion Week

Loving the pattern of this dress. Perfect for a tropical getaway.

Stockholm Fashion Week

How amazing are these pants? Gorgeous!

Stockholm Street Style

The fur jacket is stunning and the bag makes the outfit pop.

Tilda Lindstam- Street Style

Isn't she darling? Adorable dress and that bike is so cute!

Fashion Blogger- Elvira Lagerstrom

Loving this layered look. My favorite parts are the handbag and scarf.

Julie Roberts on the cover of Elle Sweden.

Isn't Julie's dress stunning? The detailing, fabric and shape is simply amazing. This would be perfect for a bohemian or vintage wedding.

This week's fashion around the world series is on Sweden. Sweden's fashion is unique, on trend and they are not afraid to be bold and daring.

One of my favorite fashion bloggers is from Sweden. Her name is Amanda and her blog is named Style Gossiper. She is a fashionable high school student that inspires me to step out of my comfort zone and try new things. She wears the most creative and fun outfits. You can read her blog, HERE.

What do you think of fashion in Sweden?



  1. Those swedes always look so effortlessly chic. It's nice to see them wearing pops of color now.. I'm so crazy about that yellow sweater!!

  2. i would just love to go to sweden, everyone seems so happy there!

    i absolutely love all of the street style and the leather dress.

  3. i love that yellow sweater and trouser look! people in sweden or Europe are not afraid of beeing themself and dress as themself, i will love to visit sweden sometimes:)

  4. Ahh I love the first two outfits and the street style photo of the green fur! Gorgeous! Also-Julia Roberts is amazing!


    Erin @

  5. great post! inspiring pics


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