Polyvore Outfit of the Week- Shopping at the Mall

Shopping at the Mall

Shopping at the mall is a weekly hobby that I do, whether it is just window shopping or heavy duty shopping. Wearing an outfit that is chic and comfortable can be a little hard as you don't want to look frumy and too casual. Always wear jeans because if you want to try on a top you don't have to hunt for bottoms to pair it with. Wear a loose or easy to get off top so that you don't have to fumble with buttons, extra fabric around the neck, etc. Don't wear too much jewelry because it will soon become annoying removing those necklaces and rings so that you don't snag the new clothing. I like to sometimes wear my hair up or down with a headband or pinned back so my hair is out of my face. That way my hair doesn't get in the way. Wear a watch to keep track of time. Often sales only go to a certain time during the day- especially early bird sales.

And don't forget to wear flats. Obviously because you don't want your feet to tire too soon. Also they are easier to take on and off when trying on shoes. Carrying a tote will give you the option to carry your goods instead of tons of bags.

What do you wear while shopping?



  1. You made me obsessed.... THAT BAGG IS MORE THAN STUNNING. I want it so so so badly.

    ps I just recommended you and your blog to someone I worked together! :)

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