Fashion Around the World Series: Lithuania and Belarus


Model Giedre Dukauskaite

Designer Vergi

Such unique, interesting and fun designs!

Another design by Vergi

Street Style

I love her skirt and that she paired it with a leather jacket. Makes the outfit edgy and chic.

Street Style

This is such an adorable outfit! Love her bag!


Isn't her headpiece just stunning?

Belarus Fashion Week

Not a big fan of the hat but I do love the dress. Very old Hollywood.

Wedding Designer Alena Goretskava

The wedding gown on the left - walking backwards is gorgeous! Every single gown here is so pretty! :)

Model Olga Scherer

I was attracted to her scarf. So chic!

Model Maryna Linchuk

Love her faux fur vest and she paired it with boots to make the outfit a little grungy.

This weeks fashion around the world series is on Lithuania and Belarus. Lithuania and Belarus is directly above Ukraine and to the right of Poland. I don't know much about these two countries but the fashion there is just as fabulous as any other country in Europe! The designer Vergi has some amazing designs. Incredibly made and quite unique. Belarus definitely has some amazing street fashion and they all dress so chic and modern.

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What do you think of fashion in Lithuania and Belarus?

Always, Heidi

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