Polyvore Outfit of the Week- The Winter Coat

The Winter Coat

It is now December and all over the northern US winter is in full bloom. It is the perfect time to sport that gorgeous coat in your closet. This coat is absolutely stunning. I have been searching for the perfect jacket with faux fur trimming. I think it is so elegant and timeless. It will never go out of style! Pair this with sleek boots, leather gloves and a smart tote. And don't forget that dark lip to top off the look.

What coat do you wear in the winter?



  1. Wao, this coat is indeed soooo pretty and classy! It looks so sophisticated with the gloves, boots, and red accents! Well, Panama doesn't have winter, but when I lived in the U.S. I would always wear a bright red trenchcoat for the winter!


  2. gorgeous, gorgeous winter coat and heels!

  3. Those boots are amazing! They're gorgeous. They're so rich. The heel.. perfect. yup, I'm in love with the boots!

  4. Don't really need a coat in FL, but I'll take those boots!!!
    xx Kara
    Sprinkles in Springs


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