2012 Hairstyle Trends

Glistening and slick back hair. I love how effortless and sexy this hairstyle is. Looks like you just walked out of the shower and did nothing too it.

Anything Poinytails. I have to admit I am not good with poinytails. I have fine hair but a lot of it. By the middle of the day the poinytail has drooped down to the nape of my neck. Quite annoying! However, I do love the hairstyle she is sporting. Sleek and chic.

Urban Wave. Tousled wave are always in. Men always love this hairstyle, effortless bed like hair. My secret is curling my hair the day before and then the next day I still have a little wave.

Intricate buns. Make a bun and add interesting details such as the headpiece above. So glam and unexpected!

Twisted braids. Tired of the normal braid? Try this twisted braid look. Looks beachy and fun.

Side parted hair. I do this hairstyle everyday, so I guess I am right on trend! One of the most easiest hairstyles to do.

With the retro trend, 20's hairstyles are back in. I don't have the length of hair to pull it off but for those that can should at least try it once. It can be so glamorous with a fitted dress or an elegant gown. Adorn it with jewel hair accessories for an evening out.

If you have hair why not do a different hairstyle everyday? There are hundreds of hairstyles to try and some of them are quite easy and quick to do. For example, the first and third hairstyle probably only took 10 minutes to complete. Effortlessly chic! 2012 is all about easy, fun and chic hairstyles. Hairstyles that can take you from day to night. Why not try one of these tomorrow?! If you would like to try out Katy Perry's hairstyle you can visit GHD today!

What is your favorite 2012 hairstyle trend?

Always, Heidi

P.S. I am being compensated for this post but that does not change my opinion. I am completely honest!

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