2012 People Choice Awards

Here are my favorites and dislikes from the 2012 People Choice Awards:


Demi Lovato

This dress is simply beautiful. I love the bead detailing at the waist. So glamorous!

Jennifer Morrison

If I saw this on the rack I would be like...its ok. But its so beautiful on a person! The beading and lace work is so exquisite.

Kaley Cuouco

I am loving all the flower detailing throughout the dress. So girly and chic!

Shay Mitchell

The print on the dress is fun and the dress fits her so well!

Stana Katic

This is one sexy dress! Could work for so many different events.


Jane Levy

In two words...too simple. I would of loved to see some more jewels or something more glamorous. This is more for everyday and doesn't fit an award show.

Emma Stone

I did not like the blazer/top. It just didn't suit my taste. Again it seemed to casual to me.

Ashley Greene

Mixing girly with edgy detailing like leather can create an awesome effect but if done right. Some reason I just don't like the lace and leather here together. Maybe because the dress doesn't fit her right and doesn't suit her shape.

The People Choice Awards were on last night. I didn't watch it but I love watching the Red Carpet premiere. Mostly for the fashion. I wasn't too impressed this year with everyone's attire. A lot of them were too casual for me. However, the People Choice Awards don't scream formal.

What did you think of everyone's outfits on the Red Carpet?

Always, Heidi

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