Celebrity Fashion Weekly Edition

This week's celebrity fashion edition is on actress, Olivia Wilde!

How to copy this look for all under $100!:
Skirt: Mossimo Womens Convertible Maxi Skirt for $24.99 at Target
Top: Lace Trim Top for $19.99 at Yesstyle.com
Blazer: Mossimo Women's Fitted Blazer for $20.98 at Target
Sandals: Quipid Criss Cross Open Toe Sandal for $27.50 at UrbanOG

Total Look: $93.56!

Olivia looks comfy and relaxed in this outfit as she walks out of the airport. I love her skirt, blouse and blazer combination. Looks chic, sophisticated and layering is key in airplanes. You can easily take off and put on the blazer when it gets too hot or too cold. The best casual outfit for a lazy day and even on those casual Friday's at the office!

What do you think of Olivia's outfit?

Always, Heidi

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