Fashion Around the World Series: Hungary

Hungary wedding designer Lebar Barbara

This wedding gown is absolutely stunning. I won't give away what dress I got but it's no where near this shape or style but I absolutely love the beading and neckline.

Designer Klara Kalicz

The jewelry is absolutely amazing! I have never seen anything like it.

Model Eniko Mihalik

Looks like a fairytale! Love the headpiece.

What drew me to this outfit was the shoes. Such an interesting design and make such a statement.

The necklace is stunning and the dress matches perfectly with it.

Street Fashion

I love her boots! Boots are one thing I will miss wearing them when we move to Florida but I keep thinking of all the dresses I will be able to wear. :)

Street Fashion

Such a stunning outfit. Love the belt!

This week's fashion around the world series is on Hungary. I have always been fascinated about Hungary, maybe because it is so mysterious. I always love a place rich with history. The fashion in Hungary is amazing. Very structural and unique. The designers in Hungary design extraordinary collections that I have yet to see other pieces like it elsewhere.

What do you think of fashion in Hungary?

Always, Heidi

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