Fashion Around the World Series: Romania

Designer Ingrid Vlasov

These designs are so gorgeous. Simplicity at its best.

Design from Norina Stoica

Loving the design and detailing at the chest and waist.

Designer Claudia Rawlings

The print is so vibrant and colorful! Perfect for summer.

Bucharest Fashion Week

These outfits look so colorful and fun! Definitely something different from what you see at all the fashion shows.

Bucharest Street Fashion

A goddess inspired outfit. Loving her clutch!

Romanian Street Fashion

Her jacket is stunning! The detailing is amazing and the boots just complete the outfit.

Doina Ciobanu- Fashion Blogger in Moldova

Moldova is the country right next to Romania. Doina apparently is the first Fashion Blogger in Moldova. She looks gorgeous here! Love the color of the dress.

Another Fashion Blogger from Moldova

She looks so darling here! I adore her dress!

This weeks fashion around the world series is on Romania. The last two pictures are from Moldova. It is a little country right next to Romania. I couldn't find too much fashion on Moldova but I did find these. You should definitely check out Doina Ciobanu's fashion blog! It's amazing. Romania definitely has that unique fashion. They do follow the trends but they take those trends and make them all their own.

What do you think of fashion in Romania?

Always, Heidi

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