Fashion Around the World Series: Ukraine

Ukraine Fashion Week

I don't know who they did her hair but it is simply amazing!

Ukraine Fashion Week

I love the shape and uniqueness of this outfit.

Ukraine Fashion Week

Such darling dresses, perfect for holiday events.

Ukraine Fashion Week

I love the edgy detailing with the touch of femininity with the flower headband.

Designer Artem Klimchuk

Such a stunning gown. Simply beautiful!

Ukraine Model Olga Ovchinikova

Love this chic, everyday outfit. Perfect for running errands and going shopping.

Ukraine Street Fashion

I love her dress and blazer. Not too crazy on the hat though.

Ukraine Street Fashion

An all denim look done right. Effortlessly chic.

Traditional wedding attire in Ukraine.

It is always interests me to see how other countries and cultures celebrate their weddings. Another country that uses red in their weddings.

The traditional wedding dress in Ukraine.

Such a gorgeous dress with all the detailing at the skirt and arms. I wonder if this was handmade!

This week's fashion around the world series is on Ukraine. Ukraine has such interesting and unique fashion. Not many other fashions out there like it. The runway pieces are wonderfully designed and presented. Everyone is up to trends as well and show off their unique fashion sense. The weddings in Ukraine are amazing and beautiful. I didn't know that they wore red in their wedding gowns!

What do you think of fashion in Ukraine?

Always, Heidi

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