Golden Globe Awards 2012


Angelina Jolie

She looks absolutely stunning in this gown. Not too crazy about the detail at the collar bone but the bodice is gorgeous and drapes wonderfully.

Diane Lane

Such a classy Hollywood gown.

Emma Stone

She looks gorgeous in this deep v-neck gown. She just glows in the deep purple color.

Kate Winslet

Kate always looks so lovely in every gown she wears to each event. She is wearing such a classy gown.

Nicole Kidman

I love the beadwork on her dress. The way they diagonally go across the skirt of her dress make an optical illusion that she is thinner. She looks amazing!

Piper Perado

Such an amazing ball gown. Perfect for the golden globe's.

Salma Hayek

This has to be my most favorite. I love the whole look of the dress. Salma looks amazing in it and the detailing is extraordinary.

Shailene Woodley

Shailene began her first role on TV a few years back. She is now 18 and she looks so grown up. Even though the dress is simple it make such a statement.


Sharon Osbourne

I always say, never wear your window drapes as a dress. It just looks wrong! The shape and print of the dress do nothing for her.

Sarah Michelle Gellar

A wedding dress that was splashed with paint. That is what I think when I look at it. It just doesn't fit the look of the Golden Globe's.

Giuliana Rancic

The turtle neck part of the dress does nothing for her. It just makes it look like she has no neck. Also I am not too crazy about the details on the dress. There is too much going on.

The Golden Globe Awards premiered last night. There were many beautiful gowns and I had so many favorites. It was just so hard to decide my most favorite ones! There was not a lot of colors and mermaids were definitely an inspiration with a lot of mermaid shaped gowns. There was also a lot of exquisite detailing.

Did you watch the Golden Globes? If so, what were your favorites?

Always, Heidi

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