Melodic Muse: LuLu's Latest Lookbook

Such a sweet, vintage inspired outfit. Love the top!

I want those shoes! So gorgeous and colorful!

Again I want the shoes and I love the cardigan/caftan!

Such a sexy dress for a night out on town.

Love the shoes and the color is refreshing. You often don't see dark green shoes!

LuLu's came out with this lookbook just the other day. I was so impressed with it that I had to share it with you all! Every outfit is gorgeous. Perfect for spring coming up or to a tropical getaway! I also am loving all the shoes featured. I have been on a shoe kick and I want to get the shoes featured too!

Update on our move! We have to be moved by the 3rd of March. Because it will take almost a week to move there (we are driving) we will be leaving the third week of Feb and be there by the 27th or 28th of Feb. We need a few days to find an apartment, get some new furniture and so forth. And of course learn the new area and go to the beach! :)
We are so excited and can't wait!

What do you think of the lookbook?

Always, Heidi

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