Contacts VS Glasses

Ever get tired of wearing these?:

Then you might want to consider contacts!:

I am not bashing glasses here. I think glasses can be quite chic and provide a quirky but fun look. However, for those who are tired of wearing glasses and want some freedom, contacts may be an alternative. I don't need glasses or contacts but I thought of some great advantage of wearing contacts:

- You can wear sunglasses, many of the trendy ones too that you can't get through prescription.
- You can watch 3D movies without the 3D glasses sliding (my fiancee has this problem).
- You have the entire view around you, the sides of the glasses are not obstructing you.
- That annoying glass fog, this won't happen with contacts.
- People will see your eyes and you have more freedom with different makeup looks.
- And the convenience of buying contact lenses online.

And one more thing that you can't get with glasses....different colored eyes!:

I love the color of my eyes, its one of my favorite features. Many others love the color of their eyes as well but why not take the opportunity to try a new color? Have some fun on Halloween or just for the fun of it. Want to know what you look like with blue, green or purple eyes? It is possible with colored contacts. You can also purchase them prescription free.

Again, like I said contacts are a preference. I think that people can look fabulous in glasses and can look ultra chic with over-sized lens. However, there are reasons why contacts can be more of an advantage than glasses. Both externally and internally! :)

Do you wear contacts? Why do you prefer contacts if you wear them?

Always, Heidi

Note: I am being compensated for this post but this doesn't change my opinion! I think people are beautiful whether they wear glasses or not. ;)

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