Fashion Around the World Series: Czech Republic and Slovakia

Czech Republic

The headpiece is gorgeous and so unique! Never seen anything like it.

Such a stunning design. Loving the fur shawl and heels!

Her makeup is incredible!

Street Fashion Prague

Such a chic casual outfit. Gorgeous shoes!

I am loving the pants here. Snake print is huge this upcoming season.


Such a girly outfit- perfect for a picnic!

A sexy date night outfit and the background is amazing!

Another girly outfit, a little Victorian.

Another cute casual outfit. Love her skirt and shoes!

A traditional wedding in Slovakia

Not my cup of tea wedding wise but you do have to commend them for sticking to their traditions.

This week's fashion around the world series is on Czech Republic and Slovakia. I don't know much about the countries fashion wise but I am impressed with what I have seen so far. They are very fashion forward and innovative. They add their own twists and styles. Traditional weddings always interest me because it's so different from country to country. It's amazing to me that people still get married that way and find it inspiring that they stick with their traditions.

What do you think of fashion in the Czech Republic and Slovakia?

Always, Heidi

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