Favorite Spring 2012 Ad Campaigns

I found this ad to be quite adorable since I love dogs!

I love the skirt and shoes here. So colorful and fun.

I like the expression that the two models have in this picture. Love the handbag!

I always like when models do something other than just standing around. Chanel had such an interesting and fun campaign.

I liked this ad not only because I love Miranda Kerr but because of how adorable the photo is. I always love animals in a photo shoot! Makes things a tad bit more fun.

Such fun bright colors! Yellow (as well as other bright colors) is a big color this spring.

A sexy dress for a date out.

I always enjoy Michael Kore's ads. They always do such a good job with not only showing off the handbags but also the scenery.

Love the handbag in this add and her jewelery is gorgeous!

Vera Wang always creates such gorgeous, princess-y gowns. This one is so stunning.

Spring is right around the corner and all the major magazines have released their spring editions. In each magazine they are filled with the new spring 2012 campaigns. The ones above are my top favorites.

What are your favorite spring 2012 campaigns?

Always, Heidi

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