Oscars 2012- Favorites and Dislikes


Cameron Diaz

Cameron looks flawless and glowing in this gown. Loving the hem detailing.

Jennifer Lopez

Even though I am not a big fan of the low v-neck the gown itself is gorgeous. Jennifer Lopez always looks good in whatever gown she is wearing.

Milla Jovovich

I didn't even recognize the Resident Evil star when I saw her in this gown! LOL
She looks stunning, love the a-symmetrical design at the shoulder.

Natalie Portman

Many said this gown was very plain for the Oscars but I loved it. She looks beautiful here, especially for after having a baby!

Shailene Woodley

Many were on the fence about her gown. I thought Shailene looked sophisticated and elegant. It did make her look older but in a good way.


Sandra Bullock

Why oh why Sandra must you wear this? Especially when you have such a fit body? The detailing around her hips and waist made her just look wider/bigger. Also the makeup (observed by my fiancee) made her look older.

Nancy O'Dell

The color of the dress with the detailing at the chest and waist in my opinion did not go well together. But the dress did fit her well, you have to give her that.

Last Sunday the Oscars premiered on TV and all the stars wore their very best. I wasn't too impressed this year fashion wise. Though there were some stunning gowns.

What were your favorites and dislikes from The Oscars?

Always, Heidi

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