Fashion Around the World Series: Germany

Germany Fashion Fair

Loving all the bright green and fur detailing. Gorgeous!

This cardigan looks so cozy and warm!

This hat is stunning. This is what you wear when you want to make a statement.

She almost kind of scared me here with her perfect complexion and frizzy hair. The dress as well is extraordinary. Never seen anything like it.

Street Fashion in Berlin

Such an adorable outfit. The ring is so cute and I am loving the blouse and handbag.

Model Caroline Sieber

Her dress is simply gorgeous and timeless!

Street Fashion in Berlin

You can never go wrong with a trench. I want her shoes!

And who would not want to get married in front of a house or castle like that?? I wouldn't! haha ;)

This weeks fashion around the world series is on Germany. I have always wanted to visit Germany. My fathers side of the family has German heritage (my last name is German). Although I think I look more like my mothers side of the family which I believe is English, Irish and Italian.
Anyways, Germany has such innovative and trendy fashion. They are up to the minute on fashion and like most people make it their own.

What do you think of the fashion in Germany?

Always, Heidi

P.S. Please bare with me as I might not be posting as much as usual. We are in the process of moving to Florida. We are driving all the way from Oregon! We are in California as I write this post. :) Thanks for your support!

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