Fashion Around the World Series: The Netherlands

Amsterdam Fashion Week

Amsterdam Fashion Week

Designer Aziz Bekkaoui

This wedding dress is stunning!

The perfect maxi dress for a hot summer day and even to a dinner date!

Designer Iris Van Herpen

I was drawn to this unique design. Edgy, dramatic and dark.

Fashion Blogger Nadine Tijdink

I am loving her boots and the outfit is simple and chic.

Amsterdam Street Fashion

Her bag is just gorgeous and the color of the dress compliments her skin tone well.

Amsterdam Street Fashion

I always admire people who can pull off the pleated shorts look. They look great on her!

This week's fashion around the world series is on The Netherlands. The Netherlands have always been a mysterious country to me as I don't know much about the country. The country sure does have some gorgeous fashion and the people dress very trendy and chic.

One of my favorite bloggers is from the Netherlands. Her name is Rachella from The Only Fashion Princess. She has such a fun, unique style and she always takes her outfit pictures in the most beautiful places! Go check her blog out! :)

What do you think of the fashion in The Netherlands?

Always, Heidi

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