The Grand Canyon!

Ryan got me this lovely necklace! :)

Me and my love!

What I wore:
Coat: Alloy
Jeans: Levi's
Sweater: Victoria's Secret
Shoes: Sketchers Shape Ups
Sunglasses: D&G

If any of you didn't know already we are moving to Florida and we are driving our way there. Both of us have never been to the Grand Canyon so we definitely wanted to take the weekend to see it. We made it to the Grand Canyon yesterday and took all of today to travel the South Rim. The South Rim is the only part that is open to the public during the winter and spring months. I was surprised that it was chilly during the winter in the Grand Canyon. I thought it was warm all year! (haha). We had such a fun time. The Grand Canyon is breathtaking and a must see if you ever get the chance to. It is also pretty easy to get around and there are many trails to walk around. A great vacation place. :)
Now off to New Mexico tomorrow!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Always, Heidi

*All scenic pictures taken by me and the pictures of me was taken by my fiancee. I used the Canon EOS Rebel XS and Ryan used the Canon 60D.

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