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Like the selection above? Well Anjolee carries that and many more gorgeous pieces. What is even more awesome is that you can completely customize any piece you see on the website. You can customize it to your style, budget and preferences. This is great when you want to purchase wedding sets or necklace for that special event.

The jewelry above are my favorites and if I had pierced ears I would definitely go for those earrings. They are so elegant and would dress up any outfit. Tennis Bracelets like the one above is great piece to wear on your wedding or to a wedding. They even have diamond tennis necklace(they have a similar look to the bracelets) that are equally gorgeous.

Like I said before you can completely customize your jewelry. Which makes Anjolee different from the other diamond/jewelry retailers. For example, if you take the one of their diamond necklaces online you can choose which metal you want (silver, gold or platinum), total carat weight (goes up to 25 carats), diamond quality, and length of necklace. This means you can go all out or stay on budget. Don't want that blue gemstone bracelet, you can make it into a red or green one if you like as well!

Not familiar with diamonds and what diamond quality means? They have a diamond education page to help you all the way. Diamonds usually mean expensive but they do carry other gemstones and high quality cz's. And you should always invest in one or two good pieces of jewelry. ;)

To visit Anjolee, click HERE.

Do you invest in your jewelry pieces?

Always, Heidi

Note: I am being compensated to write this post. That does not mean that my opinions change. I am completely honest! :)

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