Fashion Around the World Series: France


French Designer Sophie Theallet

Such gorgeous designs and I love the pink dress on the far left!

France 2

French Designer Christophe Josse

This gown is stunning! I am loving the back detailing.


Dior always creates knockout designs. These gowns are no exception. Though these are typically not wearable they are definitely give wonderful inspiration.

France 4

Chanel Spring 2012 RTW Collection

Of course I could not leave out Chanel!! I love this blue dress.

France 5

Street fashion in Paris.

Her outfit is impeccable. So chic and sophisticated. I adore her top.

France 6

Street Fashion in Paris.

Such a classy coat and I love how she paired it with the red gloves.

france 7

More street fashion...

What drew me to this outfit was her skirt. I have never seen anything like it. Glam!

france 8

Another classic outfit. I want her shoes, jacket and pants (well pretty much the whole outfit!).

This weeks fashion around the world series is on France. I have been waiting to do France for a long time and I am sure all of you have been patiently waiting! I made sure that all the fashion featured is worn by people that live in France or are French designers. Paris fashion week is amazing but sometimes features non-french designers. I want to make this series authentic now don't I?! And of course I could not leave out Chanel. If you haven't checked out Chanel's spring 2012 collection, you must! It is a gorgeous collection. France also has some great street fashion. One of the best in my opinion. There is always people with impeccable fashion. I mean Paris is one of the biggest fashion cities in the world! The only thing that was hard to find was Southern France fashion. Sometimes it is nice to compare how people in the north dress compared to the people in the south.

What do you think of fashion in France?

P.S. Random Fact about me: I took 4 years of French in High School but all I now remember is Bonjour and Je Suis Heidi...haha.

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