Fashion Around the World Series: Switzerland


Chocolate Fashion- Zurich

This reminds me of The Black Swan but in all brown. Stunning and unique designs!

Switzerland 2

This is a daring look and the model pulls it off well.

Fashion Rocks Showcase - Charles Voegele Fashion Days Zurich 2011

Fashion Days Zurich 2011

All these gowns are gorgeous and would be perfect for red carpet affairs.

Switzerland 4

Fashion Days Zurich 2011

I am loving the dresses here. Very girly and fun. Perfect for summer!

Switzerland 5

Zurich Street Style

A great outfit for spring. I am loving the whole outfit especially the shoes and handbag.

Switzerland 6

Zurich Street Style

Such a chic outfit. Loving the skirt!

Switzerland 8

Switzerland Street Style

A very ladylike outfit with a modern twist. Such a chic hat too!

Switzerland 9

A wedding in Switzerland - Now who wouldn't want a background like that during their wedding!!

This week's fashion around the world is on Switzerland. Switzerland is famous for their Swiss Alps, Skiing, and their chocolate. They also have impeccable fashion. I have always wanted to visit Switzerland for its gorgeous scenery and historical places. Oh and of course the chocolate!
Switzerland is known to be very eco in their fashion. Vintage fashion is also very popular. Everyone has a unique sense of style and it shows. Inspiration at its best!

What do you think of the fashion in Switzerland?

Always, Heidi

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