Polyvore Outfit of the Week: Honeymoon in the Tropics

A Honeymoon in the Tropics

My wedding is three months away and I am already starting to think of what I will be wearing on my honeymoon. I mean the honeymoon is the best part of getting married, right? We are going to Marco Island, Florida for our honeymoon so it will be a gorgeous tropical vacation. Many couples as well choose the tropical honeymoon over the ski or other forms of honeymoon's. Something about lounging out at the beach begs people to go.
Of course you need that one sexy dress for those dinner dates with your new husband. I am loving the one above. It shows off the right amount of cleavage. When I travel to new places I like to go out and explore. It is much more comfy to explore in shorts and a tank top than a dress or skirt. I am loving the floral top above, cute and romantic! And of course don't forget your swimsuit and cover-up! I choose a red swimsuit because it is the color of love. :)

And the most important tip, is have fun on your honeymoon!! :)

What would you (or did you) wear on your honeymoon?

Always, Heidi

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