Fashion Around the World Series: Belgium

France Fashion

Belgium Fashion Designer Bruno Pieters

This is such an unique design and I am loving the all black look!

Belgum 2

Belgium Fashion Designer AF Vandevorst

These designs look so comfy and perfect for the fall weather!

Belgum 3
Such a fun collection and the beige jacket is very chic.

Belgum 4

Belgium Street Fashion

I am loving the all black look with the pop of purple.

Belgum 5

Her cardigan looks so comfy! Her scarf looks very chic too with the outfit.

Belgum 6

Again I am adoring her all black look with a pop of red. She looks fabulous!

Belgum 7

This jacket is tres chic. Such a classy coat, perfect for fall and winter.

This week's fashion around the world series is on Belgium. Belgium being right above France definitely got some fashion influence from them. They are very fashion forward and dress gorgeously.

Hint: Next weeks edition starts with an I! I will be finishing up with the southern/Mediterranean countries and then onto the Middle East! I am also planning to cover Canada, Mexico and the US. I will also be covering different regions (the west, the east, the south, etc.) in the US as we have such a diverse country!

What do you think of the fashion in Belgium?

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