Fashion Around the World Series: Italy


Italian Designer Marco de Vincenzo

Love this dress- the gold detailing is stunning!

Italy 2

Designer Roberto Cavalli

I love the dress on the right! So gorgeous and flowy.

Italy 3


These gowns are simply stunning. Red carpet dresses for sure.

Italy 4

More beautiful designs from Valentino.

Italy 5

Armani never ceases to amaze me - such gorgeous designs! These would even work as a wedding dress!

Italy 6

Italian Street Fashion

Such a cute dress and I love her clutch!

Italy 7

A fierce outfit. I am loving her boots!

Italy 8

Milan Street Fashion

Italy 9

Milan Street Fashion

I adore her dress, so cute!

Italy 10

A wedding in Rome.

Who would complain about getting married in front of that?

I am so excited to present this blog post for all of you. Italy is such a gorgeous country and one of the top countries I want to see. There is so much history and places to see. And Italy is the number one fashion destination. Walking down the street you will see many women dressed up to the nines. They show off their own style so well. It is such great inspiration. It makes me want to dress up everyday. :)

What do you think of the fashion in Italy?

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