The Met Gala 2012: Favorites and Dislikes


Met Gala

Lea Michele

Her dress is just simply stunning here! She also looks amazing in it.

Met Gala 2

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake

Jessica's new hair is amazing on her. The dress also shows off her fabulous fit body.

Met Gala 3

Jessica Alba

Jessica looks like a golden goddess here. Gold is definitely a color for her.

Met Gala 6

Amy Adams

Amy looks gorgeous here and I am loving the one shoulder detail here.

Met Gala 8

Scarlett Johansson

This dress looks amazing on her- it shows off her curves well. I love the bead work (reminds me of my wedding dress!).

Met Gala 9

Rachel Zoe and Karolina Kurkova

 I almost didn't recognize Rachel here with the straight hair. I am not too fond of  Karolina's dress but I do love the color and shape of it. 


Met Gala 10

Shailene Woodley 

I don't know about this one Shailene. It doesn't flatter you and the pattern reminds me of a wallpaper. 

Met Gala 7

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah, Sarah, Sarah, what were you thinking? You look like your grandmother here!

Met Gala 5

Kristin Stewart

Kristin, it looks like you stepped out of the 80s here. I think you could of done a little better.

Met Gala 4

Florence Welch

Florence, I don't know what you are wearing. The pattern and color is gorgeous on you but the shape is a little outrageous.

The Met Gala occurred just a few days ago. A-list celebrities attended the event and wore their very best. Everyone looked stunning and absolutely gorgeous. Of course with all celebrity events there were a few people that could of used more help in the wardrobe department.

What were your favorites and dislikes at the Met Gala?

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