Polyvore Outfit of the Week: A Floral Skirt- 3 Different Ways

A Floral Skirt - 3 Different Ways

From Left to Right: Office, Weekend and Evening Outfits.

Last week I did a post on how to wear a LBD three different ways. I really enjoyed showing you all how to save money by wearing the same dress for three different occasions. So this week, I am showing you how to wear a floral skirt three different ways! Everyone should have a fun floral skirt in their wardrobe. Find one that is flattering on your figure and knee length. 

As you can see here I have put the same shoe and handbag twice, so that you can even save more money and extend your wardrobe more. Wear the tank top on the far right underneath the cardigan on the far left so you can easily transfer into the evening.

What is even more awesome? The heels are only $50 at Heels.com! The white handbag is $60 from Dorothy's Perkins and the crossbody bag is $40 at Zara! 

How do you wear your floral skirt? 

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