What to Wear During Vacations This Summer

The Hamptons
The Hamptons

When I think of The Hamptons I think sophistication and nautical. Make sure to always look your best and if possible wear a designer piece when going out (no one has to know that you rented it either ;) ). At the beach wear a classic retro swimming suit or bikini.

Flying Tip: Wear your skinny jeans (like the white ones above) on the plane and bring one more pair just in case. White is versatile so it will go with just about anything! Wear your sandals on the plane so all you have to worry about is packing two pair of shoes.

The Mountains 

Vacation in the Mountains

Need to get away and be one with nature? The mountains are perfect. But they are not for the faint of heart. It can seem like the perfect place for relaxation but if you are not ready to sleep in nature or in a log cabin, think otherwise. There are ways to stay "fashionable" while in nature. I love pairing a bright top with simple cargo shorts or pants. I love the convertible cargo pants above- you can either do capris or pants! If you ever go out to eat at the local town, think casual. Most restaurants will be super casual. Also, leave your heels at home. Unlike what you see in the movies, a lot of small towns the parking lots are full of dirt and gravel- not cement. Also, wear pants when hiking or riding horses- your legs will thank me plus they are a safety barrier from Rattlesnakes. Bring a light jacket too, because the nights do get chilly!
Don't forget your bug spray - trust me you will thank me. ;)

Flying tip: Wear comfortable pants and casual shoes (ones that you can also wear while on vacation) and pack two pairs of shorts and a couple shirts. Bring the handbag that you will use during the duration of your vacation.

The Tropics 
Vacation in the Tropics

Ahh...the sound of the ocean, lounging out in the chair with a drink in your hand. Sound perfect? Then a vacation in the tropics is for you! When I think of the tropics I think of bright colors and florals. This is your chance to wear bright and fun clothing! The maxi above is perfect for the beach and going out to dinner. The bikini is perfect for getting on a tan and for those who want a little extra coverage try a one-piece. The leopard one above is gorgeous and so sexy! Don't forget the sunscreen and sunglasses!

Flying tip: Wear a maxi dress with the sandals that you will wear most during the duration of your vacation. Pack only one pair of nice shoes, since most of the time most places will be super casual and right on the beach. Pack two swimming suits just in case the other one gets stained, etc.


A Europe Vacation

I envy anybody that is going to Europe this summer. It is my dream vacation! When I think of Europe, I think of elegance and sophistication. Everyone is dressed to the nines and right on trend. If you love dressing up and discovering new cultures, Europe is the place for you!
Think of a good night outfit that you can wear both during the day and night. I love the peplum skirt above, so chic! The Audrey Hepburn style pants with a bow blouse is perfect for sight seeing. The polka dot dress would be perfect as well to wear during the day (just bring flats in case your feet get tired!).

Flying tip: If you are afraid that your luggage will get lost going oversees then only bring a carry on. This can be hard to do, especially if you are going for more than just a week. But it can be done! Bring two pair of pants, a nice dress, a skirt, and the rest should be blouses (like 5-6). Wear black heels on the plane since black is the most colored worn shoe and one of the pair of pants. And then only pack one more pair of heel and flats. You should be able to fit all that and some makeup/skincare essentials. You can always buy hygiene things when you get there!

Vacation is the best therapy. It is a time for relaxation and re-booting. Above I posted the most famous places for vacations. Any of these places would be perfect for any vacation!
Also, don't forget travelors checks, your passport, and ID when you travel. Never want to be without it!

Where are you going on vacation this summer if you are going on vacation? If you are not going on vacation, where do you want to go?

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