Polyvore Outfit of the Week: How to Extend Your Wardrobe for Vacation

Extend Your Wardrobe During Vacation

Everyone loves vacation but when it comes to packing we cringe. Especially if we have to board a flight. With the strict rules and fees to transport your luggage many are opting to just fly with their carry on. This means having to bring just the essentials and not your whole wardrobe. This can seem hard, especially if you are going for a week or so. However, it can be done! 
Wear the striped dress (or any other casual dress) for the day and evening by just switching the shoes. Also, the white skinny jeans can be doubled as day and evening wear. Wear a fancier top with the jeans for the evening. 
What is nice about shorts, is that they can double as a swimming suit cover up. You can also wear it with multiple tops to save room in the luggage for other essentials. 
Remember to roll your clothing and most hotels have a iron so don't worry about the wrinkles. With the right  outfit planning, you will have enough room for your beauty essentials. Remember, most hotels now have a hair dryer too! ;) 

What do you bring with you on vacation?

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