Mallzee- A New Online Social Shopping Site


Mallzee is a new online social shopping site that is set to launch soon.

So, what is Mallzee?
Mallzee is where users can create their own online mall, fill it with their favorite brands (such as Urban Outfitters, French Connection, Liberty London, Etc.) and then Mallzee showcaes all the products they know, and their friends, will enjoy. It is basically like window shopping!
Once you have built your Mallzee or mall, you can invite friends to shop with you. You can then talk about the products via Facebook and promote Mallzee. If you promote Mallzee, your friends will receive great discounts in return. Plus, whoever buys from your Mallzee or "mall" you get paid! Now, how neat is that? It is a win, win situation I believe. I think this will be a great social shopping site. You can show off your style and be paid for it! It might not be much, but something worth looking into. You can also visit other Mallzee's and purchase from them. It's a great way to connect with other fashionista's!

You can join now on All you have to do is enter your email to get a pre-launch invite. Mallzee is set to launch this coming fall/winter. So keep an eye out for it and don't forget to join!

Will you be joining Mallzee?

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