Polyvore Outfit of the Week: Shorts For Your Body Shape

Shorts For Your Body Shape

Shorts are an essential to summer. They beat the high heat any day. Here is how to wear shorts for your body shape. I listed above the 4 major body shapes seen today. 

Boyish: Pleated shorts are on your shopping list. They will create the curves that you crave. Pair it with a fitted tee and casual wedges. Just make sure that the shorts are fitted, not oversized! 
Avoid: Tight or form fitting shorts that don't give you any curve. 

Curvy: Trouser shorts are going to be the best bet. They highlight your small waist. Pair with a fitted blouse. I would suggest wearing a heel or kitten heel since trouser shorts are more fancier. 
Avoid:  Pleated shorts and short shorts. 

Petite: Short shorts will be your best friend! Short shorts will lengthen your legs and make you appear taller. Pair with a fun, loose blouse to counteract the slim shorts. 
Avoid: Bermuda shorts or any longer length short. Don't go over 3" inseam. 

Plus Size: Longer shorts, like city length or more well known term the Bermuda length. Pair it with a fitted blouse or tee. Don't be afraid to wear color as I have shown. It's a myth that if you are plus you can't wear bold colors! ;) Pair with nude wedges to make your legs look like they go for miles and make you look longer and leaner. 
Avoid: Short Shorts and Pleated Shorts

Great deals on some of the clothes featured above: 
- Black Bermuda Shorts are from Old Navy at only $28!
- Shorts featured in Curvy outfit- From Vera Moda for $30!
- Shorts featured in Petites outfit are only $23 from H&M!
- Shorts featured in Boyish outfit are only $20 from Lipsy!

So, there you have it. How to wear shorts for your body shape. What kind of shorts do you wear? 

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