Polyvore Outfit of the Week: Conservative Office

Conservative Office Wear

When you enter the job world you might encounter a job that specifically says to dress conservative. When women hear that, they loose sight of their fashion sense. They fall to the victim of wearing "simple suits". But that doesn't have to happen! The number one thing to remember when working in a conservative office is to make sure that your bust and butt is covered. Make sure that your skirts are at least knee length and no longer than midi length. My number one tip in a conservative environment is to wear color! As for example above, pair a neutral colored outfit with a fun colored bag. You can also venture out and wear a fun printed top like the one above. If it is too sheer you can always pair it with a tank top and blazer. Blazers will be your best friend. And don't be afraid to wear different colors too! Just don't go too crazy. Stay away from those neon colors and flashy prints (yes, no Hawaiian printed blazer or blouses). 
As for jewelry stick to the minimum. Wear a statement watch and ring to add some flair to your outfit. Beauty wise, stick to a neutral eye and if you want to be spontaneous wear red lipstick. Red is powerful and can send off signals that you are in charge. 

I don't work in a conservative environment but we are required to wear business professional. It is easy to loose sight of your fashion sense when you have to wear business clothing all the time. Think outside the box and soon all your co-workers will be envious of your wardrobe. 

My favorite places to purchase work related clothing: New York and Company, Express, LOFT/Ann Taylor, and Victoria's Secret online. 

 When in doubt don't wear! That is my motto, in any work environment. :)

Also, dress for the job you want, not the job you have! ;) 

Do you work in a conservative environment? 

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