Get Fit! Legs and Core

You all ready to do some exercise? Put on that music and start sweating. ;) 

Now to start, do the first four exercises here four times in a row. So that means you are going to do each of these exercises four times in a row and do them for a solid 1 minute (so keep a timer). Then the last four exercises (abs) do each 20 reps (you can do 10 and then 10 if you need to take a second break). 

In between each set (for the first 4 exercises) do 1 minute of cardio. That can be jumping jacks, high knees (jogging in place but extending your legs up towards your waist), jogging in place, whatever you can do to keep your heart rate up! :)

You will also need 5-10 pound dumbbells. 

Always make sure to keep water on hand and strech before and after your workout!! 

 Good luck!


Jumping Lunges (Works: Butt and Legs)

As seen above start upright and extend your legs like seen in the picture but rotate your legs and jump.


Next: Dumbbell Squat (Works: Butt, Legs, and Core)

Start upright with dumbbells in your hand like in the picture above. Do a squat and then push up and extend your arms above your head like in the picture.


Next: Single-Leg Dumbbell Straight-Leg Deadlift  (Works: Butt, Legs and Core)

Start standing upright with one leg off the ground like in the picture above. Have your dumbbells down by your side. Then lean forward with your leg extending behind you like in the picture. To add a little extra step pull the dumbbells up near your chest.


Next: Mountain Climbers (Works: Core and Legs)

Start in a plank position. Then start moving your legs up into your chest like B in the picture above. Do this in a fast pace!

Now off to the abs!


Crunches on the exercise ball

Start sitting on the ball and move forward till your back is almost off the ball like in the picture above. Now do those traditional crunches. Remember to look up towards the ceiling to not strain your neck.


Russian Twist.

The picture is pretty self explanatory. Start with a ball or dumbbell and lift your legs like above and move side to side.



Everyone has done the bicycle ab exercise - I hope! Lay on your back and extend your legs upward. Move your leg inwards while you bring in your elbow from the other side, like shown above.



Now I have to admit. I hate these! But they really work out the abs. Lay on your back, lift your legs and do the scissors motion!

Now that you are done, don't forget to stretch!

Let me know if you all tried this and what you think! I do all these exercises in my classes at the gym so I know that you all will have a fabulous time! ;)


Note: I am not a fitness trainer nor a nutritionist nor a doctor. This is what I have learned via taking fitness classes. This is what I have found worked for me. All opinions my own!

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