Let's Get Fit! Upper Body

Last workout post I did a lower body and core workout. This post will cover a upper body workout. When working with weights remember to carry the weight that you are comfortable with. Always remember your form and keep a straight back and bended knees when appropriate.

You will need:
Exercise Mat
5-10 pound dumbbells
A bench and chair

Directions: For each set do 15 each. After every exercise do 1 minute of cardio (it can be jumping jacks, high knees, mountain climbers, etc.). Repeat each set twice. So you will do each exercise twice equaling 30 reps.

So get your music pumping and lets start! Good luck!

First Set


Bicep Curl. Works out: Biceps 

As indicated in photo, start holding the weights with your palms facing away from you. Start going up towards your shoulders like in the picture. 


Tricep Curl. Works out: Triceps.

The picture is pretty self explanatory. ;) 


Bench Press: Works out biceps and triceps. 

Get out your bench or chair. Use a heavier weight on this one. If you have never done a bench press, you start with the dumbbells at your chest and push up like in the picture. Continue till your done with 15. 


Dumbbell Row. Works Out: Triceps and biceps. 

This picture kind of explains what to do as well. :) 

 Second Set


Tricep dip. Works out: Triceps. 

Get out your bench again. You can use a pail if you don't have one. Put your arms behind you like in the picture with your hands facing you. Your butt is off the bench and your arms are holding you with your legs stretched out. Now dip (or move) up and down. Repeat till your done with 15. 
Dumbbell Pushup. Works out: Core and arms. 

This is an alternative push up. Put your dumbbells under your hands like shown in the picture. Stay in a plank position. Pull up one dumbbell like in the picture above at a time. 


Back Reach. Works out: Back and arms. 

This one explains it self as well. One rep is doing the second picture for each leg/arm and then repeat. 


Stability Ball Push Up. Works out: Arms and Core.

This one is a little challenging. Put a ball like the one above under one arm. Now do a push up. You can go on your knees if you like (the women's pushup version). With this one do 15 for each hand. So for the first set you do the right, and the second set you do the left. :) 

So there you have it and now you are done! Drink some water and remember to eat or drink some protein!!

Let me know if you tried this workout! :) 

If you want to try out my previous workout for the core and lowerbody, click: HERE

P.S. I am not a physical trainer or nutritionist. I have been working out for the past few years and this is what I do to work out my upper body. It works for me. All opinions my own.

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