New Year, New You! Exercise Basics- Workout Morning or Night?

One of the main things people ask when they start to commit to a workout routine is, should I work out in the morning or evening?
My best advise is to exercise at the time of day that is most convenient for your lifestyle and schedule.

Morning- Pros and Cons: 

Parks and Outdoors are not very busy in the morning- gives you a lot of space to do what you want to do!

- If you primarily work in the afternoon or night shifts (get off in the early morning hours).
- If you are morning person.
- Need more energy in the morning.
- Mornings are usually really quiet in the park, gym or beach if you have one.

- If you work a 9-5 job that might mean waking up even earlier to work out.
- Not many gyms offer a variety of early morning classes, or at least before 9 AM. Also, many trainers work later in the day than early in the morning.

I am not a morning person so working out in the morning is not ideal for my lifestyle. Also, I have to be at work by 8 AM. With traffic, getting ready, etc. I would have to get up at 4 AM. Um, no thank you.
I also find that when I work out in the morning I often will eat more throughout the day. Not saying that is a bad thing, but it can be when I am trying to watch my weight.
Working out in the morning is great if you want to have more energy throughout the day.
However, I find that many gyms don't have a variety of class options early in the morning. If you are new to working out- I always recommend going to a class or if you have the money hire a trainer. You would be amazed at how many people use the weight machines or workout moves incorrectly.

Evening- Pros and Cons: 

Despite popular belief working out with other people can be fun, and can make you a little competitive!

- Great if you work a "9-5" job.
- Many variety of gym classes are in the evening focused for the working men and woman.
- Helps relieve stress from the day.
- If you eat a big lunch or dinner, can help burn off some of those calories.

- Can give you a boost of energy, and if you workout too late at night you may have trouble falling asleep.
- If you have to work out right during rush hour, that means driving through rush hour traffic...
- If you have a sociable life and many events are held in the evening, making it hard to attend evening classes or to work out.

I workout primarily in the evening. I find that for me it helps relieve stress from the day. If you have a stressful job or life working out at the end of the day is great. Many gyms offer a variety of classes starting later in the day. As all trainers and expertise will say, doing a variety of exercises is ideal and to never stick to  a "routine"!

Overall it really depends on your lifestyle and schedule. Workout when it's most convenient for you. This is one of the factors as to why people fail at working out after a while, they don't follow this rule. There is no set rule when to work out. If you are not a morning person and make yourself get up at 4 AM each day just to work out, more than likely you will give it up because you are "making" yourself get up at a time you generally would not.

Working out is not only great for your health but your well being. Live healthier = Live Longer!

Do you work out in the morning or Night?

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