The Cost of Christmas

Here is something to think about as you drink your coffee and eat your cereal this morning.  Can you believe the average person spends $700 during the Christmas season? That is startling! To be honest, I only spent about $400 this Christmas for everyone on my list. I say that isn't too bad, especially with kids on that list!
I can definitely believe that $27 billion is spent electronics. As I watch QVC or just head to the store I hear them selling electronics left and right. Many stores are offering amazing deals on electronics. Especially on cameras and tablets.
I was actually really surprised at the number of artificial trees sold. I thought they would be higher than real trees. So many trees wasted for such a short time! Remember to recycle your tree after Christmas season! Maybe because since I am allergic and never have had a real tree, that it's odd for me to think people buying real trees more.

Such interesting information to start your day!

christmas price 4 Cost Of Christmas Infographic


What do you think of these statistics?

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