Fort George Island & Kingsley Plantation

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Today was a gorgeous day and we decided to go on a little trip. I bought a hiking book a while ago with many hikes around Jacksonville and this was one of them. We were not expecting such a gorgeous plantation with it! When we arrived, the visitor center mentioned a plantation to us and we were pleasantly surprised. From the pictures above, you can see it is an extraordinary plantation. One of the few plantations left in Florida that have many of the buildings still standing.

You start at the historical Ribault Club Inn (not shown) and take the road up to Kinsley Plantation. You can either walk or drive. We choose to walk, I mean it's only 1.5 miles one way. Not too bad at all!
I think if we didn't walk we wouldn't see the amazing scenery (first two pics). The Spanish Moss trees were absolutely gorgeous and made such a statement on the way to the plantation.

We reached the plantation and first stumbled upon the slave quarters. According to the visitor center lady, the house foundations are made completely out of shells. We were walking among them and they were so small, and it was sad to see that many (up to 5 people) were crammed into one.

Then across the path we saw the gorgeous plantation house. There was a kitchen house, barn/stables, and the living quarters. The kitchen house is what I am standing in front of in the 5th picture. Then behind the house, was the most gorgeous part about it. In the last picture I am standing in front of the house's view. Oh, it payed to be wealthy back then!

After slaves were freed, the plantation stopped operating. Fort George Island was kind of quiet until the early 1900's when many of the French and English retreated to the island for their vacations. It was a spot for the wealthy. There were 5 hotels on the island, one of them actually burned down to the ground. There was a golf course here as well, but now is run over by nature. Which is kind of eerie! The gold course/club operated till the 80's and now you have what you see in my pics!

Being a history junkie, I had such a fun time and so did my husband. He loves taking pictures and exploring new areas as well. It was amazing to see such history right in front of us!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

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