Hoggetowne Medieval Faire


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Today we headed out to the Renaissance Fair in Gainesville, FL. When I was little I went to one, and then again with my mom a few years ago. Ever since then I loved going to them. There was never a Renaissance Fair back in Oregon where we lived so when I heard there was one here I knew I had to go! Plus it was on my birthday weekend! 
This one was smaller than the one in Minnesota but still as charming and fun. If you don't know what a Renaissance Fair is, it is basically an event where people come and dress up and do acts (such as jousting and sword fighting) and sell their goods. 
One of my favorite part was the jousting. I was really pleased with it because they used real swards (with the tips sealed) and actually hit each other while jousting (as seen above). I am sure that took a lot of practice! 

I was also surprised by all the wonderful food selections. I was able to stay on my diet! I found this yummy blue crab salad with rice. It was quite good, and just right, not too much. 

Along the way there was many people selling gorgeous handmade products. Most of it's typically not our style but it is sure pretty to look at. We found these handmade candles (last picture) that according to the seller/maker lasts 100 hours. I guess he uses a special process to make the burn last longer. I am excited to use them, and they smell good too!

It's quite a fun event. If there is a Renaissance Fair near you, I recommend that you go check it out. 

Well now you know the nerdy side of me- haha. Hope you all had a fun weekend! :) 

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