Victoria's Secret Swim 2013

Victoria's Secret

The Embellished Bandeau Top for $188 and Side Tie Bottom for $34.50

This is the advertised bikini for Victoria's Secret this year. It is on the cover of the 2013 Swim catalog. It is very pricey but if you can afford it - why not? It's a gorgeous top and would look amazing on anyone. The top has jeweled encrusted detailing and will make any pool side endeavor glamorous.

Victoria's Secret 2

Very Sexy Bandeau Top for $58.50 and Ruched Low Rise Bikini Bottom for $44.50

If you have a killer tan this summer this is the bikini you must wear. You will look stunning and look like a goddess. You can wear the top with or without the straps so you don't have to endure those horrible tanning lines.

Victoria's Secret 3

Beach Sexy Stripe Push-Up Bandeau Top for $34.50 and Cheeky Hipkini Bottom for $20.50

This bikini would look great on pear shapes. It adds a little more coverage on the bottom while the ruffles on the bikini top draw the eyes upwards. I love the print as well, very nautical and beachy.

Victoria's Secret 4

Very Sexy The Plunge Push Up Top for $48.50 and Ruched Side Bikini Bottom for $34.50

Everyone should own a tropical themed bikini in my opinion. Especially if you are headed to a tropical destination. The top adds a little boost to your chest area drawing the eyes upwards. This is great if you have wider hips/thighs.

Victoria's Secret 5

Lemon Push Up Bandeau Top for $34.50 and Lemon Ruched Low Rise Hipkini Bottom for $20.50

If you are petite and small chested this bikini is made for you! The top will add extra "oomph" to that chest area and the low rise bottom will add some length to your legs.

Victoria's Secret 6

Beach Sexy Nautical Bandeau Top for $29 and String Bottom for $20

This is the perfect sexy nautical inspired bikini to wear out at the beach. It's also priced just right! I have my eye on this one.

Victoria's Secret 7

Strappy Adds 2 Cups Halter Top for $58.50 and Strappy String Bottom for $38.50

I say don't wear this bikini if you have a cup size D and above. Just a warning that this top will make your chest look not "real", so be ready for the attention. However, if you have a cup size A or B I think this would look lovely on you and give you that extra "oomph" without that plastic surgery.

Victoria's Secret 8

Push Up Halter Top for $26.50 and Double String Bottom for $18.50

This bikini would look great on many different body types. If you are bigger chested the top will help support and keep those girls in place. For those who are not well endowed it will add a little push up.
For those who have bigger hips and thighs a string bikini, contrary to belief is perfect for you. You can adjust the sides (just make sure you get the right size!), so you don't have sides digging into your hips making you look larger. The back also has a moderate coverage for those with a bigger butt.

I have this bikini in the Seafoam Glow Dot Print and it looks fabulous! :)

Victoria's Secret 9

Very Sexy Sequin One Piece for $138.50

This was the second bathing suit featured in the catalog (second page). I was quite surprised they featured a one-piece because for one, they are famous for their bikinis and two, not many people think of one-piece's as sexy.
I think this one is absolutely stunning. The perfect one-piece to lounge out at the pool or beach. A piece not meant to get wet. If you are not brave enough to strut in a bikini, this one piece would be perfect!

Victoria's Secret 10

Forever Sexy Draped Halter One Piece for $78.50

If you have a little "pooch" and need help with defining that waist, this one-piece is perfect for you. The ruching on the sides will help disguise a little tummy and the deep v-neck will draw the eyes upwards.

Victoria's Secret 11

Linen Blend Cover Up Sweater for $118

Such a glamorous cover up. This is perfect for that special vacation at the tropics. If you can afford the price, why not look gorgeous?

Victoria's Secret 12

Very Sexy Sequin Cover Up for $148.50

Another stunning cover up. Again this one is quite expensive but something definitely to lust over. This is a gorgeous piece, you would definitely be the goddess at the pool wearing this.

Victoria's Secret has come out with their swim collection and I couldn't be more excited. Now that I live in a warmer climate I can wear look forward to wearing summer clothing by March. I am so excited to head to the beach as soon as it warms up a bit more! I am loving all the bikinis and swimming suits. They did a good job designing all the suits.
There are some that are quite expensive, but then there are some that are more affordable as I have shown above. There is a price range for everyone. They also do have more cover ups that are more affordable and still as sexy and glamorous as the ones above.
And remember, at the end of May they will have their Semi Annual sale again so you can pick up these items at a great price if they your size left!
I have already purchased 3 bikini's and I can't wait to wear them!

What do you think of the Victoria's Secret Swim 2013 collection? Do you own a VS bikini or swimming suit?

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